Madame SibaritA'S


Lover of Life & Beauty

Powerfully Feminine

Tantric Believer

Transgressive Provoker

Cosmopolitan Wanderess

Passionate Orientalist


Passionate orientalist, bohemian, and lover of the erotic arts that on her return to Europe after 12 years in India and exploring largely Asia, was dreaming of designing sensual spaces bringing in the beauty of the female tantric energies. 

Her mission was to conquer each soul by creating atmospheres of unsurpassed beauty and seduction for the senses. She believed in designing for the spirit creating authentic sanctuaries balancing mind and body where pleasure, freedom and spirituality go hand in hand. 

Being immersed during so many years in the Indian culture gave her access to the study of the erotic arts, the oriental philosophy of seduction of the Kama Sutra and the exotic doctrine of Tantra that she uses when she designs her spaces.

As a cosmopolitan, wanderess, and an avid collector of the unique, she has traveled vastly around the globe in search of inspiration for her designs and has spent all her life looking to be culturally and spiritually enriched.

A lover of life and a passionate creator of beauty with “The Pleasure Principle”as a motto and whose design mantra is: “Invoke the Imagination, Provoke the senses and Evoke the emotions of the people around the world”. Madame Sibarita´s style believes in designing artistic concepts that comfort the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable. 

She opened her first Interior Design Studio, Sibarita Life Pvt Ltd, in Calcutta, India in 2015, set up by creative professionals from different disciplines who worked as a team to develop individual projects adapted to the needs and style of each client, offering comprehensive services from the initial design phase to the overall implementation of each product with a preference of high-quality noble materials and handcrafted finishes. 

Madame Sibarita offers specific services including exclusive furniture creation which results in some truly unique interiors and the sourcing of furniture and art from renowned international furniture brands and emerging artists. She specializes in high-end residential projects and focuses on the reuse and redevelopment of old existing buildings for commercial, retail and mixed-use purposes. 

Spanish by birth with Mexican blood, she is based between Calcutta and Madrid. Madame Sibarita currently collaborates with the artist and Interior Designer Fabio Camarotta. Together as a team, they design sensual sustainable interiors where ideation goes beyond imagination. 

Let your senses guide you…Welcome to the Pleasure Principle!