Conquest of Souls New

We are here to elevate the spirit,
to connect with a higher sense of pleasure, passion and emotion. 
Let us take you on our journey to new universes filled with
mystery, sensuality and intimacy.

Madame Sibarita is a cosmopolitan Luxury Lovemark dedicated to interior and furniture design, based both in Madrid and Calcutta.
Our mission is to conquer our client’s soul by creating atmospheres that seduce the senses. Our purpose is to inspire others in the integration of enjoyment, pleasure and the connection between senses, energy, sensuality and spirituality.  

Our design approach 

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Madame Sibarita focuses on Sensual Interior Design that integrates Orient and Occident, that awakens the imagination, that connects with pleasure, intimacy, mystery, sensuality, and spiritual equilibrium.

Her Mission: To conquer each soul by creating atmospheres of unsurpassed beauty and seduction for senses. To teach that pleasure, freedom, and spirituality go hand in hand in the space so people could enjoy their spaces like sacred temples, filled with beauty and feminine energies where bodies and souls can enjoy and rest in harmony.

Her Motto: The Pleasure Principle that is the driving force.

The design mantra of Madame Sibarita says, “Invoke the imagination, Provoke the senses and Evoke the emotions of the people around the world.”

The transgressive style of Madame Sibarita is a unique style, truly feminine and spiritually powerful that challenges openly the ideals of beauty and morality. The most transgressive part of her likes to challenge society taboos.

She loves to provoke when she designs!

After 12 years living in India, she became a passionate orientalist, lover of erotic arts, the oriental philosophy of seduction of Kama Sutra and the doctrine of Tantra that she uses when she designs her spaces where she mixes sculptures and contemporary art with feminine energies considered obscure and pagans but extremely powerful like the goddess Kali of creation and destruction, the Tantric Goddess by excellence.

To see others enjoying and to bring beauty is the maximum objective of Madame Sibarita.

Sensual Interior Design

It is a design that can be smelled, heard, and felt, and leaves us with a feeling of pleasure and contentment. From the moment we enter a place that has been designed for the senses, we know it. We can feel it inside and out. Subconsciously, we recognize it because it just feels good.

Madame Sibarita was born out of love for pleasure, luxury and spirituality and the desire to create living spaces that embody these elements. The personal collection and the spaces that Madame Sibarita has created over the years are a harmonious mix of cultures and style, creating something that is uniquely hers.

She brings passion for Style and design to each of her interior design projects, creating rooms that exude an experience of unsurpassed beauty and aesthetics. The underlying note is always “The Pleasure Principle” that celebrates the good things in life and believes that hospitality and the great art of grand dinners and entertaining is an ancient art that deserves continual revival.

Madame Sibarita sensual interior design creates environments of love.

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Product Design

Madame Sibarita’s goal is to recreate a Sybaritic life by celebrating pleasure and beauty in all spaces in the form of objects that are now rare or unique, as the crafts to make them are being lost in time. This incredible passion for hand craftsmanship represents a heritage, tradition and history that goes back to generations of artisans and master craftsmen, whose legacy is eroding as mass-produced objects take over.

The inherent skill forming the arts and crafts of Madame Sibarita represent the brand’s passion and love of creating bespoke one-of-a-kind pieces for a discerning clientele.

Madame Sibarita timeless updated classics and authentic reproductions provide an unmatched combination of inspired design, high quality, and unparalleled value, reflecting the refined sense of luxury and character that was once experienced in Sybaris.

The signature piece she designed for her first collection were all handcrafted in India, where she spent twelve years, and made only from the best, purest and natural materials to offer the best quality. Her collection includes signature pieces, lighting, home, and personal accessories.

Art Direction

At Madame Sibarita we create a culture of exploration and experimentation but equally one where we are guided by the brand strategy and creative brief of the brand.

The journey is as important as the destination and being able to communicate the what’s, the why’s, and the pit-stops along the way is crucial.
To create something meaningful, you must start with a strong idea. This is the backbone of commercial art, good communication skills are also essential.

There’s never a time when we are not thinking of new ideas. 

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Website Development and Logo Design

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“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.” – Dorothy Parker